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Living In Fear: Goodbye To Old Trauma & Hello To Your Genuine Truth

We are blessed to be alive in a day and age where technology is at an all-time high, international solo travel is more than possible and safer than ever, information is abundant and overflowing from every open stream of consciousness but we still live so much of our lives in fear.

There is nothing wrong with fear like there is nothing wrong with anything that ever was, but living in survival mode for your whole life is not thriving like you and me were born to. Fear is something all humans feel, you can't not as it's kind of ingrained into our make-up after long lines of ancestral trauma and because we're animals with survival instincts. But times have changed and you don't need to shelter yourself in a blanket of fear anymore because we are at a point in evolution where staying 'safe' is far more dangerous than putting yourself out on the line.

A little over a month ago I fell apart and in that process I dropped and shattered the hard protective coating I encased myself in that assisted in holding composure and maintaining a 'everything is alright' face. For me, fear looked like holding myself back, restriction, constriction, boundaries, control, needs, wants, burdens, power, domination, isolation, worthiness, masculinity and femininity imbalances... just to keep it general.

These triggers/wounds originated from a self sabotaging belief I picked up as a child which was: what I required to possess either as a necessity or because of pleasure was not valid or worthy. After so long of being feed this belief and believing it, I started to reject the parts of myself that ever wanted anything pushing myself further away from anything that met my needs or caused me to feel joy.

Keeping myself at a distance and asking for nothing was my coping mechanism and way of not disturbing the sleeping bear I lived with every night. Yes, as a child this guarding tactic worked at making me feel safe and protected but as a young woman it clipped my wings and caged me.

I don't want to live my life in a low level state of fear, scared of the unknown. Whether that be fear of what the future holds or what the consequences would be if I spoke up, what would happen if I asked for what I needed, walked out that door without hesitation, said no, said yes and lived in my genuine truth.
Instead I want to and I choose to live authentically, honestly, boldly, unapologetically, confidently, wildly and beautifully. By doing so the butterflies don't stop and the nerves still make my knees shake but the difference is they don't hold me back, they make me want to jump.

I invite you to live YOUR life the way YOU wish to, whatever that may look like. If you are reading this you are obviously ready to let go of what is no longer serving you and in this case it is all the fear and trauma you've ever accumulated over time. Your life is too unique and far too precious to be held in reserve for old patterns and beliefs that were never yours in the first place.

I'm ready to shimmy, are you going to join me?



  1. It's so hard to recover from such a deep trauma. Some of us weapon dealing with fear and anxiety for decades continue to take the long journey for living a healthy life. I hate it when I hear those that I know tell me to just get over it or hit the magic button. I too am looking for my authentic self because I know that person would forgive me and I need to forgive myself for a lot of stuff. Thank you very much for an inspiring blog

    1. Thank you for your comment Greg, I am so glad the blog resonated with you. I believe people tell others to 'get over it' when they themselves have no idea of the kind of pain they are in as it's easier to point a finger then look inwards. At the end of the day we are humans who experience an array of messy things in this life, but it's knowing that these moments don't have to define you or your worth.

  2. Loved the post! Super inspirational <3

    1. Yay! Thank you so much! So lovely of you to say.

  3. Sometimes I feel fear and do not understand why, for I know I have no cause to feel it. But often, when I sit and think, I find the reasons. It may be as simple as a historical story, where my feelings are mirroring the people I recently read about, or the same thing from a movie.

    Old trauma could be something passed down through generations. It is indeed time to say goodbye to it and begin a cycle with love. :)

  4. Fear can be such a strong influence on our lives and it's so good to recognize how it impacts us -- thank you so much for sharing!

  5. This is a great read! It takes time to heal from past trauma but all you have to do is start by taking the first step. Thank you for sharing!


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