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Boys Want Sex and Girls Want Love: A Look Into Relationships

I didn't really realise how sex driven boys are in the dating game until I had a few interactions that left me laughing, sending screenshots to my pals and scratching my head. Did I assume incorrectly when I thought there was a 'get to know me' period before jumping right into questions like 'what's your favourite position?' Did I miss something?
I also didn't realise how many girls go looking for relationships to fill a void that at some point had been carved out and left empty... *Starts playing Daddy Issues by Demi Lovato

There seems to be a massive chasm between the two genders and what we're both really desiring when it comes to intimate relationships. With toxic dating apps for quick hook ups and Urban Dictionary slang like 'Netflix and chill' the dating pool seems to be getting murkier and more disgusting as the days go by.

It seems to me that boys toy with the idea of love so that they can get to sex and girls do the same but vice versa. Everyone is trying to meet their needs in every moment of everyday, that's why we justify things or make excuses because it offers us a sense of relief, something we all seem to be needing in a world that offers what feels like no mercy. Let me tell you straight up, you will NOT get your needs met by someone else if you cannot meet your own.

If you do not know why you want a relationship with a partner you should probably not be trying to enter into one. If you are not aware of your own triggers, your ego, your internal dialogue and what your deep needs/wants are every single attempt is going to be unsatisfying and a good chance toxic. So it is absolute key that you know and love yourself before you expect for someone to do it to you or you to them.
I'd say yes, is getting harder and harder to genuinely get to know someone let alone fall in love with them as people are building walls higher and higher to keep any hurt out. In doing so we also keep all the goodness and sunlight out too. You are not immune to getting hurt or triggered, it happens, but it's how you choose to be with them in that moment. Do you push them away and disown that part of yourself or do you draw it in and embrace it?
Being comfortable in your own unhappiness and misery is a choice just like living a life full of love and heart centered connection is too.

Both genders need to heal and get in touch with the feminine and masculine aspects of themselves and each other. What is it that you are trying to get from the other that you've never been able to receive and can you learn to give it to yourself first? A relationship where both parties are aware of their darkest aspects and are in an open state to bring those forth and transcend beyond them is a motherfuckin' force to be reckoned with.

It all starts with you,


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