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Fuck Being Polite

Being a polite, well mannered, submissive individual is overrated, exhausting and so last century. Let's ask the questions, why do we maintain such a public face of cheer when all we wish to do is tell people to leave us alone? Why do accept social constructs that do not work for us and end up making us feel like shit and want to rebel? Why do we feel compelled to alter ourselves in the presence of others to avoid causing any kind of conflict at our very own detriment?

From a young age respect is drilled into you like something furious. I recall hearing "respect your elders" quite a lot but now I think about it, where was the the most important phrase of all "respect yourself first and foremost". With these manners, we learnt that they have the most power when we are using them to indulge others, especially adults and that's exactly where things get sticky.

Social etiquette is a two way street and the directions are either in or away from your favour. I know we don't want to ruffle any feathers or create extra tension but at the end of the day you're going to be so much better off because you made a choice to do what works best for you. It's time to stop manipulating ourselves to fit into a boxed idea someone else has for us.

Your authenticity is so much more important than being polite. It's as if society has created a spectrum and you either sit at the end where you're called a real push over or the other where you're considered to be an asshole who couldn't care less. Regardless of what others choose to see you as, you need to stick to your authentic self and by doing so the first step is learning, embracing and then reinforcing your personal boundaries.

We all can't help but love a forbidden romance movie like 'The Notebook' or 'Crazy Rich Asians' where they have been told they can't love each other because it's just not right, but what do they do? They don't listen and love deeper and fiercer because to go without would mean that life is not worth living. So just like Nick chose Rachel and Rachel chose Nick, you choose you. Every. Single. Time.

Namaste, Delilah
IG @theresplendentlioness

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