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So This Is What An Emotional Breakdown Feels Like

I understand that some days feeling good doesn't come so easy and for me that has been the past few. We hit turbulence or the hill up ahead has turned into a mountain and your little car isn't going to hike it up there without the help of Tom Cruise in a helicopter (my point is you can't do it alone and you need some help, think what you will about Mr Blockbuster. I know he's a controversial subject but what else do you expect on this blog?).
Rarely does a wave of such intense heart pain and exhaustion hit me like it has the past couple of days and as much as it has been draining of course I see the light in it all. When the whole world feels as if it's coming crashing down (and it is crashing and burning and crashing) doing the daily do's can be so much more monumental and harder than normal. Like having a shower? I don't know what that is.
Don't beat yourself up for falling of the horse and letting your house internally and externally get messy for a…

I Was 18 For A Year and It Was Ludicrous: Here's What I Learnt

My nineteenth trip around the sun was documented and celebrated last Monday and before I thoughtlessly skip right over it without mentioning the life changing occasion, I thought I'd blog about all the wonderful and expansive things I learnt while experiencing my eighteenth year.
A substantial amount of shit, both fun and not so, went down in the last year of my life so I can't think of a better way than to spend this glorious Thursday morning walking down memory lane, smelling the rose bushes and saluting the thorns that contributed to my scrapbook of a life.
Just a forewarning, this is a pretty accurate showcase of who I am and my very intensely splendid essence. This blog contains course language, humour and a damn good time. So, just like a strong cocktail, enjoy it once and then enjoy it again.
🎔🎔🎔 1. You are in charge of how you feel in every moment and everyone is a reflection of that. Yeah, big one hey, but seriously, the dip-shits are not worth a piss weak slice of…

Daily Affimations Will Change Your Life: Here's How To Start

The reason why affirmations and intentions are so fabulous is because you are making yourself the captain of how you feel rather than letting the outside world dictate and decide for you. You are making the conscious choice to feel good from within rather than trying to find an external source to do it half-arsed for you. Saying daily affirmations that raise your spirit and vibration is one of the biggest signs that someone cares for themselves and that makes me so extremely excited!
Affirmations are an amazing tool to help you connect with yourself once again. They can assist in removing what is no longer serving you and introduce you to the wonderful world of manifestation, creation, intuition and unconditional love. If you're new to the world of affirming your power I welcome you with open arms and want to show you how simple it is to channel your energy in the the direction that works best for you and your highest most loveliest good.
It is important to make sure you have …

How To Start Meditating

Slowing down and just doing nothing but appreciating your breath can be hard task especially if you're someone who is constantly on the move from one errand or place to the next, but I cannot express to you enough how extremely valuable it is. When you make time for yourself to have a break and I mean have a break without any distractions, no social media, no conversations, no YouTube, you are forced to be present and completely with yourself.

Adding mindful practices into your daily routine is going to help you get in touch with the core reasons why you're living life in fast forward instead of stopping to smell the flowers and overall benefit your mental, emotional and physical health highly. Todays practice we are focusing on is meditation. Now, I know what you're thinking 'I don't have time to meditate!' or 'I've tried and it doesn't work!' but if you've landed on this blog at this exact moment in your life you're obviously ready to c…

Being An Artist Can Be Hard But The Payoff Is Priceless

It's not uncommon for the artist or creator to have a trajectory that has its peaks and troughs, rises and falls, victories and losses. Like the tide we are ever changing and never find ourselves stagnant in one position for too long. As a highly creative person I know how freaky it can be losing your current spark of creativity and being left to wonder if it will ever return. At these times doubt can kick in and it can end up really thrashing you around and leaving you worse off.
The past week I've been on a high, I had some realisations and made peace with certain aspects of myself that I felt were holding me back but today, and I don't know whether it's because of the dream I had or numerous conversations (probably assisted by both), I woke with the muddy swirling clouds of doubt in my head.
Doubt tends to make an unwelcome guest appearance for me when I pay a little too much attention to what others are saying and how they're choosing to be. I start to ask questi…

Fuck Being Polite and Start Being Authentic

Being a polite, well mannered, submissive individual is overrated, exhausting and so last century. Let's ask the questions, why do we maintain such a public face of cheer when all we wish to do is tell people to leave us alone? Why do we accept social constructs that do not work for us and end up making us feel like shit and want to rebel? Why do we feel compelled to alter ourselves in the presence of others to avoid causing any kind of conflict at our very own detriment?
From a young age respect is drilled into you like something furious. I recall hearing "respect your elders" quite a lot but now I think about it, where was the the most important phrase of all "respect yourself first and foremost". With these manners, we learnt that they have the most power when we are using them to indulge others, especially adults and that's exactly where things get sticky.

Social etiquette is a two way street and the directions are either in or away from your favour. I kn…