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The Importance Of Female Masturbation

Since this blog is about finding pleasure, feeling good, self discovery and merriment let us talk openly about masturbation. Not exactly a topic I planned on writing about, but this morning I felt somewhat inspired to do so. I am far from the first to talk about sexual exploration but sometimes we need more voices out there reminding us that it's okay, it's natural, you wanna orgasm and that's cool!
The body you are currently inhabiting is the body that you will have with you every single day of this life. It was the body you were born into and will eventually transition from. Everything you perceive, do, achieve and feel filters through that body and while you have every right to alter and change the visual aspects of it, the basic foundation remains the same; you are a human being. Giving you every right to feel love and pleasure regardless of your sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity etc.
Getting to know yourself through sexual exploration is a key part of self care and …

Why Is Everything So Complicated?

I was sat backseat during a car ride today with my mother and my brother driving along the coast. The conversation between the two of them, where I merely gazed out the window and threw in my piece here and there, evolved into concepts, big words, challenging beliefs and criticism. This is not an uncommon transition for discussions to make between the members of my household.
The thing that most struck me about this interaction was the line "if you think these concepts aren't complicated you're daft" (I will not name names because I'm a lovely daughter and sister but if you guess correctly you'll win a prize). It really got me thinking how we choose whether a concept or a relationship or a state of being is going to be complicated or not. Like anything, if you give it a substantial amount of energy it will grow and if complications is what you think will happen, congratulations you're now a master manifester.
When understandings are short and comprehension …

Get Your Shit Together

Let's not sugar coat it folks, we all sit on the spectrum of fucked up somewhere. Some style it on the outside like a statement brooch and some bury it beneath layers of distraction, some split their personalities to cope and others find numbing it out to be the best way to deal with it. But either way the wounded child within always seems to make a special guest appearance no matter how far you go to cover it up.
What I have come to realise is that it's no longer acceptable in this day and age to let this kind of toxicity consume and control you. Far too many people are dictated by their pain and it's frankly getting out of hand. I don't think adults are actually understanding the consequences of these actions especially towards young and highly impressionable individuals who will one day soon be the adults on this planet.
I have had many encounters with functioning contributors to this society where they feel so triggered by me that they have indeed had a full blown ve…

A Very Real Introduction

Hi all! I feel as if I haven't fully explained what The Resplendent Lioness is for me and what I want it to be so I just wanted to take this time to do so!
So if you don't know me, my name is Delilah Hannahford. I'm 18, born and raised in Australia and I want to create an online community where anyone and everyone feels safe to express authenticity, find connection and feel loved.
I live currently in a small town and have found it extremely difficult to meet like minded individuals who believe that finding your joy and making that your best life is the key to personal success. So I've redirected my focus and am now making a platform online because I am far from the lone ranger when it comes to feeling isolated.
I think somewhere along the lines social influencers sought to over compensate the darkness and heaviness of this world by vomiting positivity everywhere. And while I truly believe positivity is important and a mindset to be valued and maintained, for fucks sake ev…