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The 24 Feel Good Girls Night Movies You Need To Watch

Feeling good is something I tell everyone to follow and allow without resistance. We all have the right to be loved and feel pleasure which reflects in the wold as a much better place. If feeling good to you is getting cosy with an abundance of cushions and blankets, a hot beverage and maybe a salty snack this blog is very much for you.

I don't know a single person who doesn't enjoy getting swept into a story that transports you into a different dimension (just as long as you're not running away but rather running to). For me a good movie calls me to come back again soon and will leave me gooey centered and giddy for the next few days. It will have elements of happiness and sometimes sadness, definitely humor and stupidity but most of all is grounded in genuine connections and relationships.

This is the list of movies that have begged me back to them for many reasons many times. Leave me a comment what your go-to feel good flicks are and why? I'm always curious to know wh…