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We've all heard that compromise makes for long standing, solid relationships and sure, I think compromise is a tool that can be used when a snap decision has to be made but will carry no long term affects. Compromise however is not to be used in conjunction with personal needs.

A compromise is choosing to have a bagel because its closer to your house even though you really want that doughnut on the other side of town but can't be bothered to put in the man power to get it. That's an understandable compromise even though I'll always tell you to go get the doughnut. The affect isn't major, you are still having something that you enjoy (a bagel) and you know that you'll have the doughnut sometime soon.
The common misconception of compromising is when you talk yourself out off having the doughnut or bagel all together and into choosing a salad because you tell yourself the salad is better for you. You still really want the doughnut but you won't even let yourself…