What Fatigue Is Trying To Tell You

My goodness this feels good to back and typing away. I apologise for my sudden departure with little to no explanation but I *hope* I am back for regular posting! My weeks have been completely swallowed by my most recent endeavor; I am currently in the process of gaining my certificates in fitness! I've been on the fitness train for a little while now so getting to a position where I'm going to be considered a 'fitness professional' is a little bit cool.

I am required to attend Tafe four full days a week and for a girl who hasn't lived on a school schedule for a solid 7 years it has been intense and fatigue has slapped me in the face. By the end of every week I have been moody and depleted of any kind of emotional nutrients so writing a blog has been something I've been happy to place in the backseat (only till I get my things back in order!).

Since I am currently dealing with end-of-week fatigue and I know a lot of people are too I thought we'd touch on that for this week. Let's lower the threshold and a create sustainable change to eradicate feeling drained and over it all.

Is what you're doing really what you want to do? Straight off the bat, ask the question 'is this really what I want?' If not, annoyance and fatigue will step in without hesitation.
There are two directions you can move in and two only, towards what you desire or away and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell what direction you're headed in.
If it makes you feel uncomfortable and unhappy then it's time for a reevaluation and you should look into doing that now to the best of your abilities. You may feel uncomfortable because what you're doing is intense but if you can't imagine your life without it (in a healthy way my friends) then it sounds like you're on the money. I'm sure you'll be able to discern between the two. 

For me, what I am doing is exactly what I want as it works hand in hand with my goals and what I wish to achieve and I'm genuinely interested in what this course has to offer. I do however find it a taxing as it is mentally demanding but the doors this will open for me are far greater than any small amounts of discomfort I feel right now. Eyes on the prize baby.

There is a big difference between being fed up with what you're being served and being fed up with the bi-products that come voluntarily. For me, my irascibility and vexation stems from the later, creating the bain marie of my loiyyfe. After my initial scheduled Friday flat spin and rant at my Mother (thanks Ma) I come back around pretty quickly to acknowledging that this is part of the process and even though I'll accept all of it I won't let it dictate my thoughts or feelings.
'Is this really irritating me or is the people/places/work load etc?'

Fatigue is a clear signal that you are running low in all accounts, you're participating in a lifestyle that is no longer working for you and after all this time of not looking after yourself your body and mind don't want to try to keep up anymore. This is not a bad thing rather a calling for change. It's time to release the expectations you or others have so very graciously placed upon you and start living your life the way that it pleases you.

Love, Delilah


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