Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships will only succeed if both parties want to be there and have an equal accord of commitment and understanding. I am a firm believer in making long distance relationships work as I've done so before and continue to do. As much as it can be the biggest pain in the neck it's also created strong bonds I wouldn't have otherwise.

The best place to start when 'defining' a LDR is accepting that your relationship is as valid as any. Whether you knew someone and they moved away or you met via the internet, the physicality of a relationship is such a minor detail and others should never make you feel uncomfortable about it lacking. I know I've personally felt this way before but now I couldn't care less what others think, love is love baby.

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Toxic relationships, long distance or not, are filled with paranoia, suspicion, doubt, skepticism, invasive questioning etc. If you or your other half is showing any if these signs it's probably wise you reevaluate where you both stand and either clean up your act or possibly remove the relationship. Long distance can drive a person to be overly needy and attached but this will only happen if a person is insecure so always be on the same page as each other and be clear about where you're at emotionally and mentally.

That leads us easily to communication. There is no such thing as a barrier anymore when it comes to communication as there are far too many ways to get your message across candid and clear. Different relationships take many different levels of communication and it's up to you to decide what works best for you.
If it is romantic and quite serious I'd say easily everyday make contact, this won't be hard to do because if you're extremely fond of each other you'll always find the time to touch base.
If it's a friendship keep it light and consistent reminding them that you think of them often.
Like I said before, there are no excuses anymore to lack of communication so don't be slack or ghost your girl.
I deeply recommend having a conversation with each other about the level of communication that you need and want. Meeting in the middle is wise as some can go for weeks, others only a day without.

Transparency very much like communication is key to keeping your LDR alive and well. It's effortless to to be vague and ambiguous but your relationship with that kind of attitude is going to come to an end very quickly. Keep yourself open and available, being honest, upfront and transparent are needed traits in any relationship especially long distance ones.

All in all, if you really dig someone you'll make time and move your energy towards them effortlessly. Some days will always be easier than others but that's how the delicious relationship cookie crumbles. If you're questioning having a LDR or not I say go for it. I moved across the country away from my best friend almost 6 years ago and no one has ever come close to my relationship with her and I'm also happily inlove with someone who lives on the other side of the globe.

Anything is possible my people, your imagination is the only limit there is and will ever be. Love knows no boundaries.

Love, Delilah


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