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Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships will only succeed if both parties want to be there and have an equal accord of commitment and understanding. I am a firm believer in making long distance relationships work as I've done so before and continue to do. As much as it can be the biggest pain in the neck it's also created strong bonds I wouldn't have otherwise.
The best place to start when 'defining' a LDR is accepting that your relationship is as valid as any. Whether you knew someone and they moved away or you met via the internet, the physicality of a relationship is such a minor detail and others should never make you feel uncomfortable about it lacking. I know I've personally felt this way before but now I couldn't care less what others think, love is love baby.
Toxic relationships, long distance or not, are filled with paranoia, suspicion, doubt, skepticism, invasive questioning etc. If you or your other half is showing any if these signs it's probably wise you…

Slump No More

I've had my fair share of inspiration droughts in my lifetime and we all agree they're not the most desired of circumstances to be in, nobody likes them. But, just because the iron is not hot for you to strike does not mean that it will never be again. Maybe you're being asked to plant seeds elsewhere...I am an absolute creative at heart, my mind concocts mad schemes and plans and my heart feels their pulse and squeals when they come to life. Every phase of your endeavors, every time you swing from one end of the pendulum to other, is a necessary step in your own personal evolution. Acceptance is what makes this process kinder.
The term 'creative block' to me is a funny one as I see people use it more as an excuse, separating themselves from the energy form that is pottery or makeup or knitting when there is nothing you are not, especially creativity. Creativity flows and will always, it's your choice to be receptive and allowing or not. 
It's extremely easy …