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How To: Easily Find and Master Your Love Language

There are 5 love languages when it comes to the way you show and appreciate affection. They include; physical touch, receiving gifts, words of affirmations, quality time and acts of service. An easier way to remember them can be by memorising the five T's; Touch, Tokens, Talk, Time and Tasks.

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If you're unsure of what your love language is and want to be a little more certain before we move on to the rest of the blog I have linked a quick quiz HERE that you can follow to help clarify. The great thing about this quiz is it also ranks the languages for you showing you which is most to least important, it's always fun to unveil a little more about yourself.
That being said, just because you have a preference doesn't mean that you don't appreciate the others. For example, tokens are at the bottom of my list; I'm not one for giving or receiving them but if the inspiration strikes and the stars align you know I'm all for it. Stay open.

Now I trust you've done the quiz and possibly done the quiz on your significant others let's jump into how your language can affect your relationships and how we can use them to make stronger connections with those we love.

Small actions such as kisses on cheeks or linking arms while walking really make the knees weak of those who speak through touch. Sitting closer on the couch, guiding them out the door with your hand on their lower back or even wiping away their tears is a gesture that makes those feel loved. In long distance situations this isn't particularly easy but reassurance of wanting to touch can really mean a lot.
Those who seek touch like the feeling of safety and having someone near by they trust has their back.

The element of surprise and knowing that you've been thinking of them mean more than the article itself when it comes to this love language. Small tokens on a regular basis really make those feel appreciated and loved for all they do. Whether you made a spontaneous purchase that reminded you of them or you're finally purchasing that thing they've wanted and hinted at for months.
Don't skimp on the gifts those who seek tokens like knowing that they've been on your mind and that you think of them often.

Words of affirmation from their loved ones can make all the difference between feeling supported and motivated to not caring at all. Leaving notes, good morning texts or writing full blown love letters are something that these lovers eat up. Those who speak this language know what it takes to sell you on your worth, they're the only pep talkers you'll ever need. Engage in meaningful conversations and be a walking reminder of how much they mean to you and how proud you are of them.
People who find love in words like to feel supported and believed in.

Spending time with your loved ones doing activities that you both enjoy make the world a better place for the speakers of time. Planning weekend trips, walking through the park or playing a board game after dinner is better than any amount of gold. Turn off your phone and engage with your partner, don't just say you're going to do things with them actually do, make it a priority to be really with them.
Being present and fully in the moment make those feel special and like the only loved up puppy on Earth.

Making the day-to-day tasks easier for this person is the most thoughtful thing you can do. These are the kinds of people who find satisfaction in having a clean home or knowing that the people in their lives have everything they need. Lighten their load by offering a hand when they get too snowed in, or giving them a day off from the regular bustle. Really make it your job to pull your load of the weight it makes life a whole lot sweeter for those who show their love through services.
Actions speak far louder than words, they like to be shown you care by taking care of them.

Hopefully through this blog you've learnt something about yourself or your loved ones you weren't aware of that will bring a deeper connection. Knowing how people give love is a great insight into how they tick and can help validate a person and the role they play in your life.

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Love, Delilah


  1. Ahh I love love languages! Mine is Quality Time... my boyfriend isn't here to do the quiz at the moment but I believe his are words of affirmation and physical touch.

    1. Physical touch is mine! But if we're being honest all are just so lovely to give and receive. It's so fascinating to me how people show and like to be shown love, what a wonderful thing the variety is indeed!


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