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Dream Travel Destinations 2019

To explore this globe is a dream of mine that lives deep in my core that extends right through to the hairs that stand up on my arms. It's 2019 and the world has never felt smaller and time has never felt so abundant.

"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list" - Susan Sontag

These marvelously delicious places I've listed are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my desires of exploration. I really could go on forever listing the places I know of and all the ones I don't just yet, no doubt another blog will be published in the near future addressing those places!
I have realised while writing this blog that the pull towards places is mostly sound and sun related. I don't know what else exactly I expected but I am far from disappointed and this just proves my point that sunshine and music make life just that tiny bit better... enjoy!


Oh Greece, you have my heart and you can keep it. I am completely captured by Greece, especially along the coastlines. The way Santorini sits perched above the ocean, so politely overlooking the sea and horizon, not fazed by the infinite. 

By evening the lights glow through the windows and streets making the whole place look too romantic to even be real (I mean what would I know, I've never been, it could all be a figure of my imagination).

I have never been so attracted to walking so many steps that I can see my bright yellow sandals hiking it up there and walking back down again, following the soft curves and bends that act as the veins of the cities. Pumping life keeping the cities alive and thriving.

Greece, good thing I haven't got there just yet cause I'm pretty sure when I do I'm sure I'll never want to leave.


If I'm being completely honest I don't exactly know where to start with India as it seems to be the most intricate and slightly intimidating of places. Dense and all senses stimulated I think I could definitely be overwhelmed but just as much enchanted.

A universe in side of a universe, completely encased in itself, to me it feels as though it is grounded, never looking to far forward and definitely not back. The festivities and colour that make up India make me drool. I can't say I'm used to parties on such a large scale but I'll tell you now, I am so ready to embrace celebrations of all kinds.

Wildlife, music and one of my most favourite accents create sounds that are completely unique, filling India with character that cannot be found elsewhere. I must visit this beauty first hand and immediately.


I go through phases of wanting to only be in one place so desperately and just recently I got hit with the Ireland stick. The open roaring fields, devilishly charming villages and towns that stitch together this luscious country make this a place that not only invites you to come but begs.

Pubs are littered through Ireland with everyone drinking Guinness and foot tapping to Folk music performed by locals who know how to fiddle faster then light. I am deeply curious to see how places like Dublin and Galway feel in the evenings, Ireland is one of the few places that draws me in for the nightlife.

I am made aware that I have some Irish roots, this is not so much a deciding factor for me to go but it definitely laces Ireland with the possibilities to dig further into my ancestry when I am ready.


If you look up the definition of 'delicious' in the dictionary I'm sure a gallery that features only pictures of Italy would occupy the space. I would love to drive through the Tuscan country and swim off the Amalfi Coast in a retro swimsuit while the breeze dances between my fingers like ribbon.

From what I can gather Italy is romantic in every sense of the word, from the relationships, the sights, to the food and to be swept in that kind of endless romance sounds dreamy and extremely delightful. To be in love with a place and the company it keeps.

The sun seems to caress Italy with such adoration and admiration leaving visible warm kisses on every cheek. No doubt because love is so abundant and vital in Italy and the sun is nothing short of these qualities wanting to lavish and provide anywhere that it is accepted.

Italy seems to welcome the touch and warmth with no questions, happy to be kissed, happy to be loved and happy to be held.


The first time I came across the name 'Monte Carlo' was a biscuit that lived on the supermarket shelf. Out of the assorted pack these were always my favourite, they tasted the best and were the biggest ones (my eyes have forever been too big... I'd fit into Monaco perfectly). Little did I know that my love for 'Monte Carlo' would grow bigger beyond any little pre-made jam and cream like sweet.

My 12th Birthday featured the movie ('Monte Carlo', creative hey) that followed Selena Gomez and her gal pals through France and Monte Carlo, then and oh my then, I was hooked.

From the golden sun that doesn't make you sweat rather glisten, to the chandeliers that line every ritzy hotel lobby and of course never forget, the champagne. I'm going to Monaco to finally accept my souls calling to attend yacht parties and to find my inner Princess Grace.

United Kingdom

Tasmania has shown me what it is like to feel so separate and distant from the rest of the world but the United Kingdom is so terrifically close. Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England are like the first in line at the buffet, they can choose from any plate they like and keep going back for seconds.

The music that has been expelled from the UK is a massive magnet to visit, I want to visit iconic venues and listen to fabulous vibrations that take my breath away. Loads of art, humor and pop culture I love has come and continues to come out of the UK.

Knowing that someone is going to be on the other end of your trip can make it bucket loads more fun. The anticipation and planning of it takes up all of your attention because really nothing else is more important than this fabulous adventure you're about to embark on. My best friend lives in Birmingham. Oh the wicked fun we're going to have when I arrive.

United States of America

America has some ups and downs and I think we can all agree on that but I think we can also all agree on the diversity and freedom that can also be found there. A place where the arts seem to flourish and contrast is born, it's no wonder people seem to flock there.

My personal pull to USA has been the capital of Tennessee and country music, Nashville. So much heart and soul is poured into every inch of that city and all I want is to be completely engrossed in it. Where roots run deep, passion doesn't stop to sleep and music is curated every minute of the day.

Many of the artists and songwriters that I admire are situated in the capital of Tennessee. I have found ridiculous amounts of inspiration from Nashville and can't wait to finally leave my mark on that glorious city.

Other places of interest

France & French Polynesia

The extra fun thing about blogs like this is that when I do finally get to explore these magnificent locations you will get to hear all my scribbles about it. Travelling and writing about my experiences in these divine places is a dream that really butters my bread roll. This planet is nothing short of extraordinary and sublime, I carry so much appreciation in my heart that I get to be part of it.

Love, Delilah

P.S. Blogs are now scheduled for every Thursday that way I have a whole week to really pour everything into it and feel satisfied with what I have created! You can find my last blog post HERE


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