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My January 2019 Playlist

Everyday for me is filled with bouquets of music, newly discovered or vintage sounds that still bless the sound waves. January produced hot muggy summer days, anticipation for my trip to come and as always a killer soundtrack that sparked curiosity and experimentation.I constantly have my headphones on digging though the internet looking for and basking in all sorts of fabulous music so I thought I'd share my 'on repeats' for the month of January. 

This month was thick and overflowing with new and old 80's/indie/rock/UK/pop vibrations. Not only has been listening to this type of music been an absolute pleasure I've also learnt a great deal that I am trying to transfer over into my own writing and sound.
Rather than listing all of the songs and summarising them one by one I decided to load them onto a Spotify playlist that you can listen to at your own leisure. You can find that HERE
If I can tell you to keep an eye on one artist on this playlist it would be lovely Mag…

How To: Easily Find and Master Your Love Language

There are 5 love languages when it comes to the way you show and appreciate affection. They include; physical touch, receiving gifts, words of affirmations, quality time and acts of service. An easier way to remember them can be by memorising the five T's; Touch, Tokens, Talk, Time and Tasks.

If you're unsure of what your love language is and want to be a little more certain before we move on to the rest of the blog I have linked a quick quiz HERE that you can follow to help clarify. The great thing about this quiz is it also ranks the languages for you showing you which is most to least important, it's always fun to unveil a little more about yourself. That being said, just because you have a preference doesn't mean that you don't appreciate the others. For example, tokens are at the bottom of my list; I'm not one for giving or receiving them but if the inspiration strikes and the stars align you know I'm all for it. Stay open.
Now I trust you've done the…

Dream Travel Destinations 2019

To explore this globe is a dream of mine that lives deep in my core that extends right through to the hairs that stand up on my arms. It's 2019 and the world has never felt smaller and time has never felt so abundant."I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list" - Susan Sontag

These marvelously delicious places I've listed are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my desires of exploration. I really could go on forever listing the places I know of and all the ones I don't just yet, no doubt another blog will be published in the near future addressing those places!
I have realised while writing this blog that the pull towards places is mostly sound and sun related. I don't know what else exactly I expected but I am far from disappointed and this just proves my point that sunshine and music make life just that tiny bit better... enjoy!
Oh Greece, you have my heart and you can keep it. I am completely captured by Greece, especially along th…

Simple Self Love Acts Anyone Can Do

Self love is something everyone is working on whether it be conscious or not. The choices we make in our day-to-day lives are to create a desired outcome that in some way cause us to feel a sense of relief. Not all acts that give us relief are founded in self-love, in fact quite the opposite. Learning to discern the two is a process but worth the while and one that I deeply recommend.Self-love acts are long term, full of forward moving energy and progress that builds you up and wants you to feel good whereas the opposite is dead-ended, stagnant fixes that burn out quickly leaving you feeling even worse then when you begun.

If you're looking to live a life that is full of love and integrity you have to start with yourself. Here is a list of simple small acts that you can do to boost those feel good vibrations.
1. Take yourself out on a dateI'm not your girl for advice on dates with another human but I am your go-to for going solo, as I have been on many (I love them). Something t…

To Jump In The Deep Or To Stay On The Shore

Yesterday I retouched with something I really loved, being in the ocean. Despite it still feeling unnatural and out of bounds, I really forgot how delightful it really is and to reconnect fills my heart with such fondness.
I ADORE swimming and being in the water, it's magical and once I'm in I never want to leave but in saying that the ocean and other natural bodies of water definitely know how to make me uneasy at times. My father is completely comfortable with the ocean, in it as much as possible at any given chance. My mother however loves being near but only in knee deep and when very specific conditions are at play. I'd say I'm comfortably situated smack bang in the middle conflicted at times by the two. To jump off into the deep or to stay on the shore?
There are two major things that deter me from wanting to enter the ocean, mother nature with her spontaneous attitude and the living beings that inhabit the waterways.
Firstly, mother nature is bonkers. Like a wild w…