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The 10 Albums That Transcended In 2018

Albums and EPs that I listened to non-stop in 2018 and you should listen to too!

My favourite 10 releases in 2018 that features artists you will immediately fall in love with.

I spend a decent amount of my time admiring the artistic expression of music. It is something that I hold very close and very, very dear to my heart. Along with writing, music brings the most indescribable and monumental feelings of pure elation and raw electricity.

My favourite genre of music is the kind that leaves me feeling like I just saw through space and time in the matter of minutes and now I know every secret to the universe... so basically I'll go for anything that makes me feel like I'm high.

2018 was a year of some spectacular breakthroughs in music from new artists entering the scene or familiar faces re-inventing what they have to offer. Now, more then ever you're bound to find someone somewhere on the globe making something to cater to your very specific likes. I can't guarantee you're going to find that in this list but nonetheless here are the albums and EPs that I simply could not get enough of this year and thanks to them I now know all the secrets to the universe.

All artists mentioned vary widely and to compare any of them together would be complete baloney so enjoy them all for their uniqueness.

Bloom by Troye Sivan (Album)

Another singer whom I deeply admire said that 'Bloom' was one of the best albums of the year. I cannot remember exactly who made that statement but I obviously trusted them enough to go and allow myself to be devoured by this album. When the lead single 'My My My!' was released I swore off it because I thought the name was so lame that it didn't deserve my deluxe attention. I've learnt that it's easy to judge an album off the lead single but in most cases it can be a complete misrepresentation. I'm so glad I didn't let my shallow judgement overrule this smartly executed album.
Snappy and fresh like a summers day, top billings go to pop albums like this. 

Breach by Lewis Capaldi (EP)

OK so this one is a funny one as I believe no studio recording I've ever heard of Capaldi does him any justice. Of course he sounds more than fantastic but his voice to me is something to be listened to and consumed by live. And to say he hit the jackpot would be an understatement, on top of Capaldi's ridiculously husky voice his sense of humor is as good as apple pie. Watch his music video 'Grace' to see what I mean.
To have found 'Breach', a simplistic stripped back pop EP, in a time where over-produced electronic beats are all the rage is truly a pleasure. Seeing as the EP only showcases four songs do yourself the favour and listen to all his work, both live and recorded.

Dark Horse by Devin Dawson (Album)

Dawson has made his way onto my crush list... I ain't here to lie alright. Really it's more of an artistic crush but lil' crushy feelings never hurt no one OK? 'Dark Horse' is what country music has been so desperately trying to find for many years and somehow Dawson has managed to do in a single album. Somehow he's also managed to create this harmony between cloudy and a golden cheer which I haven't come across very often and I am a big fan of it.
This is the where good country music is headed and whether you agree or not you can't strip it of its authenticity.

Dead Boys by Sam Fender (EP)

I stumbled upon Fender at some point this year with the phenomenal song 'Dead Boys' but didn't dig any further until recently and my goodness gracious me what in the world took me so long!? I tend to listen to albums on repeat for weeks until I reach saturation point and this work of art is no exception. Gritty, sweet and dark 'Dead Boys' is progressive and forward moving capturing everything I ask for in English indie/rock.
Fender has released many other singles this year and last and to overlook them would be crime. I say listen to everything he has released, cause you ain't gon' regret it. Also where's the petition to get a full studio album out of this guy?

Dying Star by Ruston Kelly (Album)

'Dying Star' has the ability to make you feel in depth and detail as though you've gone through the same kit and caboodle as Kelly. This album is so very clearly a reflection on his whirlwind of a life that he has now decided to heal and leave all that was behind. A special place is reserved in my heart for people who are so brutally honest about their conflicts but choose to say it with cheek. Folk with bite 'Dying Star' undoubtedly this is my most influential album of 2018. 
Pure, unfiltered ecstasy is the only way I can describe this baby.

Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves (Album)

The most technically flawless piece of work on this list by far goes to 'Golden Hour' which feels like an audible kaleidoscope. This is the third studio album to come from Musgraves and shows how she has indeed put a lot of time into mastering the art. Lyrically a little less frilly then previous releases but still quick as a whip and more graceful now then ever. Finally accumulating a wider spectrum of recognition Musgraves has just proved all naysayers wrong by winning Album Of The Year at the CMAs and receiving four prestigious Grammy nominations for 2019 including Album Of The Year.
Hot off the press this album has longevity and originality other country albums are failing to produce. Don't be late to jump on the bandwagon, this is too good to miss.

Graffiti U by Keith Urban (Album)

You don't really understand the presence of someone until you're sitting in a stadium with 13,000 other fellow humans all collectively mesmerised by this one persons sense of certainty and charm. This is Keith Urban. I have had the ultimate pleasure of seeing him live in Melbourne in 2016 and will again in the February of 2019 with his most recent album 'Graffiti U'. I admire the upbeat taste this album leaves with you which to me says Urban is making music that he himself loves to make.
Animated, spirited and bright 'Graffiti U' encases Urbans musicality and story telling better then ever.

Starfire by Caitlyn Smith (Album)

Did someone say girl crush!? Smith has the voice of an angel and songwrites like a dragon. 'Starfire' is made up of, you guessed it, starfire. This album will sweep you up in passion and remind you of what it feels like to really desire something with your whole being. Just by listening to this album you can tell that she is the type of woman that completes what she signs up for and gives it everything she's got. This is hot, this I adore.
With a little bit of everything and a whole lot of soul 'Starfire' is the definition of a woman who knows what she wants. 

The Tree by Lori McKenna (Album)

When I close my eyes and imagine going home I see dancing dappled sunlight on green freshly mowed lawns, a breeze light and dry teases the hem of my dress and this album plays in the background. Maybe it's that McKenna is a mother and her stories are deeply rooted in family but it draws you in wraps you up in your childhood blanket and keeps you warm and safe. 'The Tree' expects nothing of the listener keeps perfect unconditional company.
A gentle and lovely stroll of an album that sounds like sweet tea tastes.

Voicenotes by Charlie Puth (Album)

This album to me runs deeper then just classic radio pop hits even though it accomplishes this feat perfectly. There is an intuition that runs through 'Voicenotes' that in whole helps carry it so effortlessly. I can feel that Puth took his sweet time analysing and making minuscule decisions  for the final cut and for this I am thankful for. I appreciate this smooth, fluid style of pop that has been executed with a fine eye and resonates on a deeper level then most.
If you need a soundtrack to a good time 'Voicenotes' is the way to go.

Oh my lord this post took me so much longer then I expected it to! To say I'm glad it's now finally over is a mild understatement. 
Please leave your albums of 2018 in the comments and share this bad boy of a blog around because good music is alive now more than ever!

Love, Delilah


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