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5 Things To Know About Me

Having gotten my undying love for writing and music off of my chest, I feel further at ease sharing some other joys of my life. So here are 5 to get to know me a little more!

Seeing as the blog post on Monday was a major event in history I thought I'd keep this one brief (...hopefully, only God knows how long I'll actually be sitting here typing away). 

Question one: who am I?
Well howdy there, I'm Delilah Hannahford and I dream of the breakfast I'm going to have the next morning while getting into bed the night before. I'm 18 years young and a Leo, hence the blog title The Resplendent Lioness. I also like to watch movies not necessarily for the story but for the location and the soundtrack. Born and raised in Tasmania, Australia and my dream travel destination right now is Ireland... 'P.S I Love You' quenches that thirst real good... but more on that later.

Question two: why did I make a blog in the first place?
I chose to make a blog so I could express myself on a higher platform and hopefully reach like minded individuals. To remind others about the daily wonders in this world and to showcase that feeling good is a birth right. While I gush over my loves maybe it'll ignite your spark in what you love, long lost or new flames.

Question three: what do I get up to when I'm not writing?
Thanks to Adriene from Yoga With Adriene, I have learnt the most valuable catchphrase ever and that is to 'find what feels good'. This I choose to actively live by with my actions and thoughts. I do tend to swing between hobbies as I'm a jump in the deep end or not at all girl, but some things never change. These includes: pumping iron like Arnold 'you have to shock tha muscle', taking pictures of sights that catch my eye, having deep and meaningfuls with my Mumma, pinning pictures of exotic places on my Pinterest boards, cooking then to only devour seconds later, impromptu living room dance parties, discovering new music and anything to do with the sky has me deeply fascinated.

Question four: how did writing find me?
At 12 I had an epiphany sitting window seat on a plane, I discovered the magic that is songwriting. Instantly I found myself gobbled up by this form of witchcraft wondering how does one write a decent song? On that very plane I started to write lyrics (which I still have but never look at because CRINGE!!! What 12 year old knows about love??) and the rest is history. Now songwriting is as big a part of my life as breathing. Only just recently have I decided to stretch my wings and see what else I can do with words and well, here we are.

Question five: where can I find you on social media?
Well well well, what a splendid question to have asked... I have left links for your hearts desires below.

Instagram: @delilahhannahford

Facebook: @theresplendentlioness

Pinterest: @theresplendentlioness

Ahhh and I still sat here for hours... I can't help myself okay!

Love, Delilah


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