Thursday, 19 September 2019

The 5 Basic Senses & The Wonder They Behold

So often the little things go unseen and overlooked but without these forgotten tiny miracles the world would be pretty damn lackluster. I personally seek the little precious moments that you could melt into and hold onto forever, they keep me optimistic and make me feel infinite in a dimension that feels a little too physically restrictive for my liking.
How someone notices, views, feels these moments speaks volumes when it comes to knowing how in tune or out of touch they are with source energy. Right now I want to bring your attention back to the little things so you can stay more aware and open to them throughout your day. It is a constant reminder to look up and watch the clouds when you've kept your eyes on the ground for so long but it is worth it because missing out on such magic would be the deepest of tragedies.

Here is a list of some of my favourite little things using your very basic but priceless five senses smell, sound, sight, touch and taste you learnt about in primary school. If you need a little inspiration generating your own appreciation spend some time focusing on these, I promise you'll feel the wonder before no time.

This I think is a dying art appreciating the delicious scents of this world from fresh toast, to clean cut lawns, Spring flowers in bloom or that candle you've had sitting on your side table for yonks because it looks too good and you don't want to waste it by lighting it but I'm here to tell you DO IT because yolo. Next time you get a whiff of that nice smell, close your eyes and melt into it for a moment so that your whole body can feel it not just your nose. You don't have to stand in the middle of the street with your eyes closed looking like you're begging for an exorcism. Just hit a quick pause before you inhale a breakfast muffin or continue walking along the hot rainy pavement to be present, it's simply too good not too.

When I lived in Queensland for such a short chapter of my life, I fell in-love with the sounds of the squawking parrots and even though at times they're not the most delicate of ear tingles they sure bring back lovely nostalgia and therefore get a tops spot on my list. They sound like festivity and summer and I can't get enough of that. Other sounds that put me in a dream like state is listening to a crackling fire, hearing the life-force beat in another beings chest, not that I eat cereal but the mini fireworks it sets off as soon as you pour cool mylk over the top and the sound of waves mingling on the shore of a night time. So much peace can be found by listening to even the most simple of sounds.

Humans are very visual creatures and as much as that's a lovely thing it can also be quite detrimental and restricting to the imaginative and infinite aspect of us. We focus a little too much on the human body and tend to draw up ridiculous comparisons when there is no need to. So as much I could drool over how nice a good set of shoulders are on a man or how sensual a curvy woman looks, I'm not going to... that's for another blog... maybe. Instead let's focus on how cobwebs shimmy when the sun hits them just right and the way wispy clouds move over an otherwise clear Summers night sky. How water droplets sit comfortably on succulents and the skill it takes to crochet an intricate knit scarf.

There is no warmer hug, no softer kiss and no bigger embrace than your very own bed at the end of a long day. The feeling of complete relaxation and safety between the sheets at the perfect temperature reaches the pleasure level: bloody delicious. For me touch is always about the warmth that comes along with it whether that be the temperature or intentions behind it. The sun is handing out testers of the heat that is to come later in the warmer seasons of which my skin just drinks in like it hasn't been moisturised in months, then if you're lucky you'll get a little extra tingle from the light breeze and that my friends is pure bliss. Holding warm cups, watching the sun crack over the horizon, seeing baby lambs frolic, oh my days how is that not perfect?

I'm low-key crazy but the way to my heart is high-key simple as it's food. I know buffets aren't regarded to be all that ritzy but if a man paid for my three plates and a handbag full of goodies for later I'd know he is very much the one for me. The thrill of a tangy lemon tart, punch of a spicy curry, the way hot bread makes your knees weak and the bitter taste of coffee are just a few taste sensations that get me out of bed in the morning. Food often gets eaten underappreciated while scrolling through Facebook or watching TV that you just numb out to the fact that you're actually fueling your body and eventually stop tasting it, how sad is that!? I like to eat without any distractions and often in silence because food then becomes something Jesus would serve in heaven to puppies, so try eating alone without your phone and just feel every single bit because being present while eating is a game changer.

I've just sat here for five odd hours writing this blog and I haven't even skimmed the top of the gloriously layerd tiramisu that is life so I'm pretty confident in saying I think you're ready to get out there and feel sensations before and not because you have to but because you can. You have to lose yourself to find yourself and I'd say here is a pretty good place to start.

Love love love! Delilah

Thursday, 22 August 2019

18 Lessons I Learnt Being 18

My nineteenth trip around the sun was documented and celebrated last Monday and before I thoughtlessly skip right over it without mentioning the life changing occasion, I thought I'd blog about all the wonderful and expansive things I learnt while experiencing my eighteenth year.

A substantial amount of shit, both fun and not so, went down in the last year of my life so I can't think of a better way than to spend this glorious Thursday morning walking down memory lane, smelling the rose bushes and saluting the thorns that contributed to my scrapbook of a life.

Just a forewarning, this is a pretty accurate showcase of who I am and my very intensely splendid essence. This blog contains course language, humour and a damn good time. So, just like a strong cocktail, enjoy it once and then enjoy it again.

1. You are in charge of how you feel in every moment and everyone is a reflection of that. Yeah, big one hey, but seriously, the dip-shits are not worth a piss weak slice of your hot, powerful, sexy, shiny and divine energy.

2. You can not stray off course. Every step is part of the magical journey that will get you to where you need to go. Even though it may seem like a waste of time looking back or you may think how the hell did you not see that sometimes you just gotta do it. More fodder for your stand up comedy career I say.

3. People cannot give what they do not have. Simple.

4. Health is not measured by physical activity or what you eat but rather your internal dialogue; the mind food you feed on every single day.

5. It'll feel good if it's meant to be and if the thought of it causes you any kind of emotional or physical distress and torment it's clearly not for you. Listen to how you feel, every moment it is pointing you in the direction of your highest good.

6. Lending your emotional hand for others is a lovely thing but there comes a time when drawing the line is necessary. Overextending yourself will not do anyone any good.

7. You may choose to give up the dream but that doesn't mean you're going to stop wanting it. So tell me again, why is throwing in the towel a better idea than pursuing your hearts desire?

8. Obligations only exist if you agree on them, therefore you do not owe anything to anyone ever. The only obligation you should have is for yourself and that is to make your well being be your number one priority.

9. Not knowing that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth split till after you have a dream that Liam is totally into you is quite possibly foreseeing the future and is something definitely worth reading into.

10. Being in a state of appreciation and gratitude will bring more deliciousness daily to you.

11. Change is actually so fucking beautiful and not something to be alarmed by. It means that there's evolution and transformation occurring constantly to create an ever better experience than before.

12. Scott Hastings from Baz Lurhmanns Strictly Ballroom is HOT and something young me wasn't able to appreciate but that's okay because 8 year old Delilah, I got chu.

13. Cockiness does not mean someone actually has decent knowledge or information about the subject they're cocky about. Do not get phased by those who choose to dress their egos in loads of cock because it's never really that good or big.

14. Anger is forward moving energy and can be transformed into a powerful force of nature when assisted into free flowing healthy energy. Use your anger as a tool, it is there to help you.

15. You have every right in this lifetime to have everything you want. It's not absurd, far fetched or unrealistic no matter what others want to tell you. It's your life and you can make it as realistic to you as you possibly want.

16. Kath Day-Knight from Kath & Kim taught me the amount of fucks to give; zero.

17. If a door does not open for you then it is not your door and if you then find yourself in a room with no doors, take the time to gather your priorities, thoughts and desires so when the next door opens it's better than you ever imagined.

18. Life is not that complicated, sure it's messy but if you can appreciate the mess, why it's there and look past it, there's always a beautiful sunset at the end of each and every day.

I hope this blog made you giggle, gave you some new insight, inspired or reminded you of something you were needing to hear. I had a lot of fun and laughed quite a lot digging through my diary of the past year finding chunks of gold I completely forgot I ever touched.
This did remind me of how low and uncertain I was with different aspects of my life in the past year and as crappy as they were I wouldn't change them as they've given me more than I could ever ask. They also lead me here typing this blog right now so how can I not not show my deep appreciation for something like that?

Cups of tea and cheek kisses, Delilah.